A Wishlist For The Best Bass Boat Cranking Battery

All right, folks. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, let us go ahead and dive into the amazing world of boats and their batteries with a specific look out for the best bass boat cranking battery that we can find—for the right price and for the right usage.

But, as usual, you might want a little (maybe a bit more?) info on what can constitute boat batteries and specifically, the batteries that are involved in relatively modest, small fishing boats like bass boats.

Okay, a quick review. So, bass boats or boats similar to it, usually require marine batteries. These marine batteries are not quite like car batteries that you may find even in hybrid cars (there are exceptions, of course).

The batteries that are required to power something as small or moderate-sized as a bass boat often need to be two-toned: one that can generate a whole lot of power from a given starting point and one that can generate power through a long period of distribution.

These are, respectively, known to boat fishing enthusiasts (anglers) as a crank type and a deep cycle type. There are also dual types (like hybrid cars) but—depending on the brand of manufacturer—may not always yield a good result on either ‘cranking’ or ‘deep cycling’.

One would think that a dual type would yield a better return but it does not necessarily result in that, unfortunately. Given this, there are really good products out there from manufacturers that really design well their dual type products. You may want to check those out.

In the meantime, let us put a focus on finding a really good recommendation for a ‘cranking’ type battery.

This is not to say that marine ‘deep cycle’ batteries come in second—they do not. It is just that ‘cranking’ types are often very useful for starting up or amping up other devices that are not boats or marine level vehicles.

This is because the way they generate energy (known as amps) is often developed greatly by manufacturers to outperform even car batteries, mostly due to the nature and needs of the unique environment of marine operations. This is a boon and a good investment to anyone that is not an angler or boat fishing enthusiast.

That said, do not ignore looking out for those ‘deep cycle’ type batteries after you invest in a good ‘crank’ type battery.

Without further ado, let us go to some of the selections that are appropriately placed recommendations.

1. Starting off the list is the Optima Batteries BlueTop. Appropriate name notwithstanding, it is labeled by many an angler as one of the best in performances, especially as a ‘cranker’ type—which we are looking out for. It has a sweet, sweet, 12-Voltage system with a specified label of 750 CCA (cold cranking amps). In the most problematic of weather conditions, this could just be the heater you need. That is not to distract from the fact that this baby is also a wonderful dual-type (which means it can operate as a deep cycle marine battery, also). Sweet. Not to mention, in addition, it is primarily designed (despite the high CCA rating) as a dual-type with a focus on the deep cycle function. A really good CCA rating with the intended design for amazing deep cycle sustained energy for the long run. Extra Sweet.

2. Here is another battery that puts up a really good fight to Optima. The Exide Megacycle. Not to be outdone by name, this wonderful battery is a dual-type battery that keeps on giving the Optima a run for its money. Yes, the Optima is much lighter to bring and operates at a very smooth ‘deep cycle’. But, where the Optima focuses on the trolling motor end of the spectrum, the Exide Mega blasts it out of the water with its CCA Rating of 1,110. That is some ‘crank’.

3. As good (and complete) as those two products are, we are ultimately looking out for a really good performance in the CCA rating (not the endgame, but it helps). So far, the top-rated marine battery that has that very CCA rating could very well be The Odyssey Starting Battery. If CCA ratings are your thing and it makes you quiver with excitement as you hear the numbers, check this out: 1150 CCA. That is a huge energy surge coming right out of the cold crank amp to the heart motor of the engine. Do take note, of course, that this particular battery is quite heavy (78 pounds heavy). Then again, what would you expect when this baby can ‘crank’ out that much amp from the get-go? It does not skimp on that fact and just embraces itself as the starter battery that it is destined to be. Enough said one can guess.

Toss Up For Bass Boat Crankers

We have to remember, though, that despite the intention to look for ‘cranking’ types whose CCA go through the roof (in this case, the Odyssey would win), there is some room to remember that these are bass boats we are talking about. It is not only equipment to equipment we have to engage with when it comes to the context.

The behaviors and attitudes of the boat riders or anglers will ultimately come to play. Out of the three recommended, these may come off as very expensive, despite all the benefits they provide and the features that they carry.

Ultimately, investing in a really good ‘crank’ type is a great investment, still. The fact that a product with a very high CCA rating can start up both your bass boat and other vehicles in the middle of winter weather is always a tempting prospect to have, to be honest, and transparent about it. This is especially so if you are a major geek or nerd (enthusiast) for fishing boats or heavy marine operation boats.

That said, these are the recommendations to look out for with regards to the best bass boat cranking battery. Enjoy looking around.