The Goods: Best Marine 3 Bank Battery Chargers

Here we go. In a time period of fast cars, fast planes and even fast food, technology seem to be getting better and more compact. That is to say, technology has upgraded at such a rate that it has become a common practice to keep updating yourself with the ‘latest and greatest’ each year (some products go by this each month!).

Battery chargers are in vogue now, and frankly, are getting sleekier (and sexier) at every update. With that said, we want to go beyond and highlight some of the best marine 3 bank battery chargers that you can look into and buy.

All right, so let us break down certain aspects of this search.

First off, we are looking for marine type batteries chargers. Not car batteries chargers. That means that, essentially, we look for boat batteries and their standard protocol for boat battery chargers. In general, marine batteries have two functions that need to be observed.

One function is crank up an engine and the other is to effectively and efficiently sustain propeller action long enough for you to get back to the safety on land. Car batteries only have need of a cranking type battery to power its motor engine.

By proxy, the chargers of car batteries are rather simple in design. Marine batteries, on the other hand, need both of these functions to be met. This is the reason manufacturers make these batteries as dual-purpose. What about chargers? Well, let us continue.

Second, we are also looking out for marine batteries with a 3-Bank feature. That means that these “banks” offer distribution or energy channel currents. The more banks we have, the more we can store and effectively distribute charging and recharging energy from the get-go. And, as marine battery chargers go by, this is the next evolution in the technology.

The focus on “banks” point out generally to the importance of convenience and a one-time charging urgency often found in the nature of cellphone charging. This is likely to be met by manufacturers also as updates and upgrades improve over time.

Last, but not least, we look at other features that are very important like weight and price range and other features a product will contain. Market share is important and pretty much a lot of manufacturers would want a greater return for their products in the time and space that it took to create them.

That said, not all products and manufacturing process applies to everyone. And one of the great parts in having a recommendation from ‘the best’ list is that you can then narrow down, as a customer, to see what really works for you in the short-term and in the long-term.

Okay, so with all that said, here are some recommendations for the products (and product descriptions) to look out for the next time you hit your marine store or auto-part shop retailer.

1. Dual Pro has offered up their Professional Series 3 Bank Charger for your delight. The company has a reputable amount of respect when it comes to customer reviews and is taken to be a very safe investment for customers all across the board when it comes to quality assurance. So, in performance, safety, and consistency, Dual Pro has got a lot of specifications going for it, and for all the right reasons.

Apart from the branding, the Dual Pro Professional Series 3 Bank Charger is also quite durable and resilient to factors that are greatly presented in marine operations like temperature variation sensitivity and in the middle submersions. Added to this is the wonderful sophistication that its 3-Bank system has in terms of adapting to different voltage ranges and for different batteries like wet cell and AGM batteries.

2. Then, there is the product of the MinnKota company line. The product is the MK Digital On-Board Battery Charger. Similar to Dual Pro, this company brand is also trusted to be consistent and of the very high quality of output coming from its manufacturing line.

What makes the MK On-Board a wonderful product is that it has an increased amp (ampere) per bank. It also has a digital microprocessor that acts as a sophisticated “smart charger”: that modulates and adjusts voltage pacing so as to keep an ideal range without overcharging the given marine batteries.

3. Not to be out beaten by DualPro and MinnKota is a product by massive company giant, NOCO. Known for quite trendy creations as well as securing unique features with a hefty dose of quality assurance, NOCO is consistent, if not, a widely successful brand that keeps dishing out products annually.

One of the best products to come out of the line comes in the form of the NOCO Genius 3-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger. It is rugged, sturdy and quite durable, all under the layered feature of having a shock absorber, waterproof and is vibration resistant.

Other brands (including the two above) certainly have these featured but the waterproof and extra layer of protection from salt and corrosion blows these products out of the water in this area (no pun intended). And, of course, all these features along with a great ampere range across different voltage ranges, too. Also, it is lighter. There is a reason it is referred to as a genius and of the third generation development, too.

But, There Are Far Better Choices!

Yup, there are. And these are just recommendations and personal favorites that come out consistently in most of the list of marine and fishing enthusiasts. Another brand is ProMariner (among others). Ultimately, the choice is quite up to you and the community you live in.

We cannot ignore the very variable set of priorities that drives one to choose the boat battery charger. It is an important consideration and an obvious one.

As said, ProMariner is a trusted and very top brand across these circles. But, the ones chosen here (especially the NOCO Genius) is a toss-up recommendation given the considerations given earlier
But it does not mean unsung heroes and other chargers are inferior. And one of them is bound to be your favorite given your set of conditions. Keep looking out for your best marine 3 bank battery chargers. Keep on researching!